Social Media

It’s quite likely that you don’t need to see the statistics about how social media use is critical to growing your business. Based on the fact that Facebook alone has nearly 1.4 BILLION monthly users and over 890 million users log on at least once a day, odds are good that you are one of them. Using social media correctly can make or break small businesses these days. So what is your strategy on using the best marketing tool invented since the U.S. Postal service? If your not using it or using it incorrectly you are missing out!

What social media platforms do you need to use? It all depends on what your business model is but there are 3 likely candidates that would prove useful for all businesses and couple others depending on your target demographic.


set upSocial Media Account Set Up
We can create your  business social media accounts for you, customize them with your logo and a custom made header image. We can help you decide if your business would benefit from an online community of it’s own with a group page. We will also link all social media sites directly to your website.

social media consultingSocial Media Training & Consulting Services
We will conduct an interview with you on many different facets of your business and analyze the data. From the data we can draw some conclusions about your target demographics (No reason to focus on men if your demographic is expecting mothers). We will then assist you in creating a strategy of not only what social networks would be of highest value to you, but also best practices for each (time posted, content of post, frequency of posting, etc…) This should give you great place to start effectively using social media in your business.

social media managementSocial Media Management
If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a social media marketing campaign but just don’t think you can carve out the extra time to manage it, we can do it for you. We can post for you, respond to comments and questions by forwarding them the information or sending them directly to you! We can do as little or much as you desire.
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