Website Services


Have you ever thought about why do you even need a website at all? What should your website be doing for your business?

At Chatterbox we understand that the world of digital marketing can be confusing. Between all of the buzzwords, acronyms and technical terms that nobody other than “techy” people understand, your website absolutely has to connect with people. The primary reason for a website is to connect people with a business, connecting people with your brand. A website’s sole purpose is an extension of your business and ultimately in the end, it needs to increase your bottom line. So when you decide to make a change ask yourself, which company gets it?

All packages from Chatterbox includes hosting your website. We also use the most reliable feature packed server for email hosting, ask us for details. Simple and reliable, you never have to worry about your site being down.

Where do we start?
The most important thing is that we design the right solution for each customer.

1 ASSESS  2 GOALS  3 WANTS  4 BUILD  5 Approve  6 LIVE
1. Assess – What do you currently have? What is your experience?
2. Goals – Websites exist to produce results. What results are you looking for?
3. Wants – Find examples of businesses that impress you.
4. Build – Based on your feedback and our research, we provide mock ups for your review.
5. Approve – You give final approval to the webdesign
6. Live – You are now able to see the results of building a web presence.

pencilFull Service Web Design
We offer everything from a basic business card site to complete e-commerce sites. What ever your need, we will integrate your existing branding in to your site or we will assist in creating a new brand image. Since 85% of your potential new customers will look for you on the internet. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward, not an outdated website with wrong information.

redesignWebsite Redesign
Websites are becoming outdated faster than ever before. With search engine updates, new interactive plug-ins and the overwhelming demand from consumers for responsive mobile compatible websites, it’s hard to keep up. If you own a small business it’s critical to stay on top of your advertising dollars and where you spend them. The most effective ad space is your website. When developed properly, a modern and feature rich website should generate sales and enhance the reputation of any company.

Online Store / Shopping Cart / E-Commerce If you are looking to sell something online, we can help. We have multiple solutions and depending on your needs will recommend the best solution for you. The thought of setting up an online store can be challenging and expensive. Chatterbox takes the pain out of setting up an online store, as we do all of the hard work for you. We will handle the setup, installation and hosting of your shopping cart so that you can start selling your products or services in no time at all. No matter how simple or sophisticated your online store needs to be, we will find and provide a perfect solution for you and your business.

business cardBusiness Card Website
A business card website is a single page website that contains all of your important information. Your potential new clients will be able to find your name, location, phone number, email, a description of what you do and more on the web. So whether you are an individual that wants to boost your sales and brand or a local small business that is just starting out and needs a web presence that won’t break the budget, a business card website could be the answer for you.

reponsive.mobileResponsive Design
Did you know that Google ranks responsive designed websites higher than ones that are not? What is a responsive designed site? A responsive design website means that the site will respond correctly when being viewed on different devices. When your website is viewed on a computer with an internet browser, it will load the full website. When it is viewed on a mobile device like a phone or a tablet/ipad it will be formatted correctly to display the mobile version of the site.

seoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
Most internet users, go directly to a search engine to find information. SEO involves setting up your website structure and content so that it can be easily indexed by the major search engines for search terms that are important to your business. The more competitive the industry, the more important search engine ranking is. 85% of internet users go straight to Google. There are a host of non traditional SEO techniques that can be used to influence this that most other web designers simply don’t use.

assesmentWebsite Assessment
We can do a website assessment on your current site. We will analyze based on these 5 different criteria.

1. Over all design – How does the site look and function overall?
2. Navigation – Is it user friendly and and important information easy to find?
3. Accessibility – How does your website display and operate on multiple browsers including mobile and tablets?
4. Content – How accurate is the content? How well is it written? Is it formatted correctly for Search Engines?
5. Technology – How clean is the code on your website? A website can be like a house with termites. It can be made to look great, but if the structure isn’t good, it won’t work properly for long.

This service if free when you purchase a complete web solution